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Shaolin Wushu Kickboxing Academy
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History of Our Club

The Shaolin Wushu name first appeared in the Peace River region in 1999, when Mr. Jeremy Dirom moved to Peace River from Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. Dirom opened the Shaolin Wushu Kung Fu and Kickboxing school in 1999, and had a short , but succsessful run when the school closed it's doors in late 2002.  Mr. Dirom moved back to Calgary but had many highlights from the school.
  One such highlight was at the 2002 Tiger Balm Internationals, where Mr. Dirom was accompanied by three of his students.  All four competed in the full contact San Shou divisions and the school dominated.  Three gold medals and one bronze medal were captured by the "Fearsome Foursome".
Encouraged by Mr. Dirom, the Shaolin Wushu Kickboxing Academy was opened in Jan. 2004, by Mr. Jed Paul, a student of Mr. Dirom's.  Mr. Paul hopes to continue the winning tradition set forth by Mr. Dirom.

San Shou: The Sport.

San Shou focuses on four basic martial arts skills:

1)"DA" {striking} -use of fist, open hand, elbow, finger, head

2)"TI" {kicking} - kicking, sweeping, kneeing, stomping

3)"SHUAI" {throws} - wrestling, throwing, takedowns

4)"NA" {siezing} - joint locks, chokes, submissions

The rules of San Shou allow for a wide array of full contact punching, kicking,takedowns, and throws derived from the traditional application of Chinese martial arts.  Finishing holds (chokes, arm locks, ets) have been excluded from the rules, which forces the fight to continue at a fast pace.  San Shou addresses the three ranges of fighting - kicking, punching, and grappling, which adds great realism to the sport.  A fighter can win by knockout or points.  Points are awarded for techniques according to their effectiveness.  In a tournament fighters compete for 2 rounds of two minutes each, plus a 3rd round in case the first two rounds score even.  Forcing the opponent off the platform is also a major technique of San Shou.


Leg kicks are an important weapon in San Shou.