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Shaolin Wushu Kickboxing Academy
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Here is a brief rundown of our training program.

Our San Shou training program focuses on four basic martial arts skills:

1)"DA" {striking} -use of fist, open hand, elbow, finger, head

2)"TI" {kicking} - kicking, sweeping, kneeing, stomping

3)"SHUAI" {throws} - wrestling, throwing, takedowns

4)"NA" {siezing} - joint locks, chokes, submissions

Students will also participate in:

Cardiovascular Excercises.

Cardiovascular health is very important in San Shou, and students will improve their cardio and stamina through skipping, jogging, shadow boxing and various calisthenics.

Strength and Conditioning Excercises:

Students will build strength and stamina through exercises such as push-ups, squats, lunges, etc.  Students will develop a strong midsection through a variety of core strengthening exercises, and flexability from a wide array of daily stretches.

Bag Drills and Pad Drills:

Students will develop power and hone their techniques using our various equipment.  Drills will be varied on a daily basis to allow for greater use of techniques and add variey for our students.


Students will experience some forms of sparring:

Light Contact:  During day to day instruction, students will participate in light sparring when learning new techniques with a partner.  Light contact sparring is preformed slowly with little danger of injury to either partner.

Full Contact: Full contact sparring will be avaliable to both competative and non-competative students.  Full contact sparring is done while wearing full protective gear and under the carefull eyes of the instructors.




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